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When your roof has a leak, make sure you have a roof repair expert that is using modern roof leak detection tools to locate the source quickly.
Unlike other commercial roof leak repair companies, all Superior leak specialists use Thermal and Capacitance testing equipment to accurately locate the leak area and amount of damaged roof.

This process of diagnosing where the water is coming from using non-destructive moisture meters gives us insights that aren’t always possible when just using a visual inspection of the leak area. Water can travel under the roof a long way before actually dripping inside the building. Without this equipment, how would a repair tech accurately track down the cause of the leak?

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Advanced Tools

Superior uses modern roof leak detection tools to locate the source of the leak quickly!

Leak Investigation Types

You decide the level of leak investigation you want!

Leak-Free Warranty

Superior can provide leak free warranties on your existing roof!

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How can you make a good decision without accurate information?

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Maintained roofs last over 25% longer than roofs that are not maintained!

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