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Let Superior save you money by updating your current roof inspection program!

We understand that by design some Real Estate Developers, Equity REITs, Trusts, and Partnerships may have short term or long term ownership goals. Understanding the building owner and their organization’s objective, and commitment to long term asset ownership determines the level of investment that should be accolated to Roof Asset Management.


Drone inspections can be completed for a fraction of the cost of physical roof walks!
Drones save time and costs by reducing the number of resources needed for a building inspection. Using high-resolution and thermal cameras, our drones collect more comprehensive, accurate, and useful information used in combination with our software to provide a detailed understanding of your roofing assets, inventory and condition. Our customers find it much easier to understand the condition of their roofs from a birds-eye view.

Using AI Technology for accurate data collection!

Superior has partnered with technology providers to enhance the accuracy of our in-house aerial roof inspections using AI software. This technology collects, identifies and automatically creates detailed information regarding your roof. When completed yearly, this technology identifies any changes to the roof and reports that change to our team.

This cost effective approach to out roof asset management saves time and costs by reducing the number of resources needed for a building inspection. Using high-resolution cameras and AI software, our drones collect more comprehensive, accurate, and useful information to help provide a detailed understanding of your roofs inventory and condition. Most customers find it easier to understand our roof asset management program from a birds-eye view of their roof condition.

Leveraging our technology and drone partners, we can quickly provide accurate information on large portfolios of property’s roof system all across the nation. We are a single source solution that can mobilize hundreds of drone inspections completed by multiple partners across the nation providing the same accurate results.

This is the next evolution in property assessments allowing consistent collection of information so that you can produce accurate budgets and make informed decisions.


Cost-effective roof inspection programs to fit any budget!
If you already have roof inspections completed as part of your PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM, You should contact a Superior roofing contractor to go over how we save our customers thousands of dollars each year revising outdated inspection programs and implementing drone inspections for your roofing systems.

*Owners with large buildings located in concentrated areas will see a significant reduction in yearly roof inspections costs!


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Roof Inspection

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Drone Thermal Roof Inspection

Advanced Technology for Smarts Decisions

Our drones help us with our roof assessment

Drone 4K Roof Inspections

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Our infrared can locate wet insulation spots

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Roof Preventive Maintenance

Maintained roof systems last over 25% longer than roofs that are not maintained!

Roof Asset Management

Roof Asset Management should not be Complicated