Storms have caused significant damage to properties in over 75% of the city from multiple storms!
If your property is located in the below storm map, contact Superior today for a free no-obligation inspection of your building.

Superior Commercial Contracting would like you to know that we have been performing work to repair hail damage to the roofs and other exterior items on several properties in your area. This is the result of the severe storms that dropped 1.75” from 4-00-00, 5-00-00, and 5-28-22.

Insurance companies are paying for the full replacement of hail-damaged roofs in the area of Augusta, Georgia. We have also been getting exterior cladding, HVAC, gutters, and screens covered as part of the claim.
Most property owners are unaware of hail damage to their roofing structures. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Get your FREE roof inspection today!

Speak with our representative to determine if your property qualifies.

At Superior Commercial Contracting, we have insurance industry experts on staff who are able to professionally prepare and deliver damage reports and estimates to your insurance company. We will also meet with your insurance company at your property to show them the damage in person and to agree on a fair price to perform the necessary repairs.

Once the damage is agreed to and funded by the insurance company, our project managers will quickly order the materials and assign the crews necessary to properly complete the work and leave you with a finished project. This approach ensures that you, as our client, are able to properly restore your property after a loss with a minimum amount of time and effort, and without cost overruns.

3 simple steps

Storm Damage Report

Before meeting with you, Superior will pull a Storm Damage Report for your property to determine if your property may have been damaged in the last twelve months. *Please note that the report may or may not be accurate and a visual inspection will be needed.

Property Inspection

After a quick initial meeting with you, Superior will provide a free cursory property inspection to confirm the Storm Damage Report accuracy. *If we find that your property has the amount of damage needed to file a claim, we will request a copy of your insurance policy.

Send us the insurance policy

We have an insurance specialist that will review your policy to confirm you have coverage. They will also look for any loopholes or other language that would move some or all of the costs back on you. *You do not want to file a claim without understanding if you have coverage or what the coverage is obligating you to pay!


AFTER WE HAVE CONFIRMED THAT YOUR BUILDING WAS DAMAGED AND THAT YOU HAVE THE NEEDED COVERAGE IN YOUR INSURANCE POLICY TO MAKE REPAIRS, we start building the needed backup documentation and estimates to support the claim. We will not file a claim until we have the confidence that we will have a good outcome and we have gone over all of your options.

What we do next separates Superior from other contractors!
At no cost to you, Superior will do the following to make sure your claim is approved and more importantly that you get the fully compensated for the needed repairs:

Full Meteorology Report

Our services include a detailed Storm Report from one of five certified meteorologists. They will provide a detailed and comprehensive report of the weather event that caused the damage. This is similar to the report your insurance company is going to use when determining approval for the claim.

Property Inspection

We have a team of HAAG-certified staff that will start documenting all damage. HAAG is the standard most insurance companies use when evaluating the damage. This is a labor-intensive process that will take several days to complete on large projects.

Estimating the costs

We use the same estimating program that the insurance companies use called Xactimate. This tool has been developed to establish a cost matrix that the insurance companies use to set the value for your claim. This allows us to establish the cost of your loss based on an already agreed-upon cost per item. It is our job to make sure your insurance carrier has included all damage in the claim. This is also a labor-intensive process that will take several days to complete on large projects. We typically find that the insurance company has mistakenly missed about 30% of the needed components resulting in an underpaid claim.

Filing the claim

After we have completed preparing for the claim, we will file the claim with you. You will get a claim # and be assigned an adjuster. Superior and your insurance adjuster will meet at the property. We will provide any ladder assistance, reports, and estimates that the adjuster may require to assist in the insurance claims process. Typically, when the insurance claim is filed, we bill the insurance company for all storm damage repairs which guarantees no out-of-pocket expense (other than your deductible)

Superior is a locally owned & operated full-service general contractor specializing in commercial storm damage restoration / large commercial properties: in business for over 27 years in Georgia. Superior is the only Georgia-based roofing contractor with unlimited commercial G.C. licenses in GA, SC, NC, FL, TN, AL, MS, LA, TX, and VA. Superior has extensive insurance background with staff hired from the commercial insurance adjusting industry that are HAAG certified. *Do not make the mistake of contacting your insurance provider yourself without having a specialist prepare and document the damage first. Hoping that your insurance provider will step up and handle the claim with your best interest at heart in most cases is not in the best interest of the insurance company
Do not be discouraged if you have already been denied!

Even if you made the mistake of filling yourself or handing an inexperienced contractor work the claim resulting in a denial or underpayment, we can help.

We have an 87% success rate refiling for denied claims and a 98% success rate when we help file the first claim with you! 

From the mouth of Clark Howard!

If your property is located in Augusta, and you have suffered insurance-related damage, you are likely going to find your insurance company is more ready to fight you than help you. This statement comes directly from a Georgia Native, and Consumer Advocate Clark Howard!

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Our skilled, experienced team is the key to our great customer service and exceptional craftsmanship. Many of our worker have been with us over 15 years, so they know what it takes to deliver the best commercial roof for your business.

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Roof Repair, Installation, and Inspection

When your roof has a leak, find out who uses modern roof leak detection equipment to discover the source quickly. All Superior Roofing Company leak experts employ Thermal and Capacitance testing tools to precisely pinpoint the leak site and amount of damaged roofing. Armed with correct data, we can provide repair and replacement choices that other roofing companies cannot. This modern technology is the most effective way to find a leak and begin making the roofing projects repairs quickly and efficiently. Call us today to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help you.

Roof replacements are some of the most costly renovations a building owner will face. Most people struggle with a roof replacement, and Superior understands this challenge. Superior has experts that have valid construction credentials. Our specialists will perform an in-depth evaluation of your structure and meet with your team to offer you the best alternatives that match your requirements and budget.

Roof replacement is a serious undertaking. It must take into account many aspects such as the location of the building, its size, its age and condition, and more. We at Superior Commercial Roofing and Contracting in Atlanta believe in providing high-quality roofing systems and services along with complete commercial roofing information so that you can make an informed decision.

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