Superior is a Commercial Contractor that has been working in Augusta for over 15 years! Superior has worked with Augusta University and completed the roofing and exterior cladding on the Medical Center School of Dentistry in addition to GA power, Forum Management and Regions Bank.

Superior is currently working with Augusta Country Club on the restoration of all 13 buildings. Superior has worked directly with the ACC’s insurance company to approve the project and negotiate the scope of work. During our work with the Country Club, Superior was approached by members that had damaged on their homes located in the historical district. The homeowners complained that a company had represented themselves as a General Contractor that would help them repair the damage to their home but had not completed any work for over four months. After researching some of these companies, we found out they did not have a General Contractors License and could not pull a permit to start the work. Superior worked with the City of Augusta to get the word out on how to verify a contractor. Superior opened a residential division specifically to help homeowners in Augusta.

Quick overview of qualifications

Insurance: Superior has $7,000,000 in General Liability Insurance & $1,000,000 in workers Compensation Insurance.

License to do business in Augusta: Superior has an Unlimited General Contractors License. This is important to understand that roofing contractors do not need a state license. Georgia does not require a license to install residential roofs.
If you look up a contractor’s business license and it lists “Specialty Contractor”, you have none of the state protection you have with a licensed contractor.

Office Location: Superior has had a sales office in Augusta with a receptionist located at 2918 Professional Parkway, Augusta GA. Superior has recently leased an office space located 2614 Central Avenue to run our crews from and store materials.

Due to a large amount of damage caused by storms that hit Augusta starting in March of this year, Augusta has had several unlicensed contractors come into Augusta. Several complaints have been filed regarding STORM CHASING CONTRACTORS posing as licensed General Contractors offering free roofs. Many Augusta homeowners have been pressured into signing unlawful contracts from unlicensed contractors going door to door.

Ask for proof of insurance!

Certificate of insurance listing you as additional insured – This certificate should be from the contractor’s insurance company “not supplied by the contractor”. The policy should have the legal name of the company listing coverage for GL “General Liability”, WC “Workers Compensation”, and Auto coverage. Confirm that the policy does not have exclusions. You can also search if the contractor has Workers compensation insurance by going to: https://www.ewccv.com/cvs/?ref=https://sbwc.georgia.gov/online-employers-workers-compensation-coverage-verification or do a google search for: verify contractors workers compensation Georgia.

Ask for a copy of their Georgia Contractor’s License!
License from the state of Georgia to be a contractor – If a contractor is representing themselves as a General Contractor, they will have a General Contractors License from the state of Georgia. The state has different levels of licensing depending on the type of construction. Ask for the contractor’s license number and the name of the license holder. You will need that information to verify that the contractor has an active state license. To verify the license, go to: https://verify.sos.ga.gov/verification/ or do a google search for: Georgia contractor license search. You need to confirm that the license is for the company you are working with and is held by the owner of that company.

Homeowners are asked to “DO YOUR HOMEWORK”!

Superior has been working with the City of Augusta on a Community Alert letter.
This letter explains how you should verify a contractor before signing any contracts to do work on your property. We have added links for your convenience to verify Superior and any other contractors.

Ask for a copy of their Augusta Business License!
License to do business in the county you live in – Ask for a copy of the contractors Augusta Business License. Make sure that the license is specific to the work being done. A license to operate a retail store does not cover General Contracting work. A specific license for General Contractor is required to be a GC. Confirm the business License is active by going to: http://appweb2.augustaga.gov/businesslicenseinquiry/BusinessInquiry.htm or do a google search for: AUGUSTA BUSINESS LICENSE INQURY.

Ask for a copy of their Georgia Secretary of State certificate showing the date they started their company, location of office and owner of company!
Certificate of existence from the state of Georgia – This certificate will confirm that this company can do business in the state of Georgia. It will also tell you the actual owners name and the address of the company. It is suggested that you look the company address up online to see if the company is running out of a home or is using a P.O. Box. You can also see when the company started and if the company has changed its name over the years. To lookup this up, go to: https://ecorp.sos.ga.gov/BusinessSearch or do a google search for: Certificate of Existence – Georgia Corporations Division

Ask if the contractor is going to pull a permit for the project!
Permit from the city of Augusta – Augusta does require a permit to be pulled by a licensed contractor before starting work. This is for your protection. A permit is a public record. This is your first safety net to deal with a bad job or contractor. You can use that public record as leverage if you must go to court for a payment or quality issue. Many people do not like government regulations, but this is actual a good regulation for your protection.

If you have signed a contract, you are not stuck with that contractor. If you have not qualified your contractor, call and cancel the contract until you can verify the contractor and be additionally insured on the contactor’s insurance policy. Most contractors will be excited to show off their credentials.

It is always suggested to look online at the company’s website, reviews, and BBB rating. Unfortunately, these results can be manipulated by paying money to boost how a contractor looks online. The above verifications cannot be faked or manipulated.

Additional Things to look at:
Principal Office Address from GA SOS – Google the address from GA Secretary of State. Is the office a Home?
BBB “Better Business Bureau” – Is the company accredited? *Note that you can pay to influence reviews!



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