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Roof Preventive Maintenance Programs

Maintained roofs last over 25% longer than roofs that are not maintained!

All roofing manufacturers require roof maintenance!
Everyone knows that changing the oil in your car and additional maintenance is just a part of car ownership. Owning a roof is no different. Your roof’s warranty is voided if you are not inspecting and maintaining your roof.

With a properly executed PMP program, you could double the life expectancy of your roof.



We take care of regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs so you can: Lower roof costs over the life of the plan. Extend the life of your current roof. Increase the effectiveness of your roof. Have greater control over cost budgeting. Restore your present roof to optimal condition.

Why establish a Roof Preventive Maintenance Program?

To oversee the process of extending roof life, protecting roof warranties, and reducing emergency repair and replacement costs.

What is a Roof Maintenance Plan?

A maintenance plan for a commercial flat roof is conducted by a commercial roofing contractor. Depending on the age of the roof, you will have different levels of roof inspections and maintenance plans. New roofs must be inspected once a year. Typically, a new roof preventive maintenance program will only include a visual roof inspection and cleaning of drain covers and gutters. All inspection includes a roof report.

As the roof gets older, additional services may be need such as an Infrared Roof Survey performed by a Thermal Drone using a Flir Camera system, small general roof repairs and two to four inspections per year.

Can building personnel start an in-house Roof Maintenance Program?

Yes! We understand that most owners want to keep costs down by having building personnel perform maintenance and inspections. Superior is happy to help you initiate a formal, in-house roof maintenance program. Some parts of roof maintenance do not require a roofing contractor and can be completed by the building’s maintenance personnel. Superior will help train your personnel on how to safely perform basic roof maintenance items, such as keeping the roof free of debris at drains, walk the roof to report defects and document what they see. If you have a concern on the roof, a quick photo can help confirm if we need to complete a site visit.

Get an additional 5 leak-free warranty

Did you know that most roofing manufactures will offer additional leak-free warranty years to the end of your roof’s warranty if you have a Roof Preventive Maintenance Program?

Superior can also offers additional leak-free warranties on roofs with PMP.


Superior can custom-design a Roof Preventative Maintenance Program to fit any budget. Our programs are custom-design to meet you and your building’s unique requirements. Your roof will perform better, last longer, and cost less over its lifetime.


Using AI Technology for accurate data collection!

Superior has partnered with technology providers to enhance the accuracy of our in-house aerial roof inspections using AI software. This technology collects, identifies and automatically creates detailed information regarding your roof. When completed yearly, this technology identifies any changes to the roof and reports that change to our team.


Leveraging our technology and drone partners, we can quickly provide accurate information on large portfolios of properties all across the nation. We are a single source solution that can mobilize hundreds of drone inspections completed by multiple partners across the nation providing the same accurate results.

Please click on Drone 4K inspections to learn more!


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