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All roofing manufacturers require roof maintenance! 

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Maintained roofs last over 25% longer than roofs that are not maintained!

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The founder of Superior started his career as a roofing contractor and transformed Superior into a number of construction companies that can provide a single source solution for all of  your commercial property building needs. 

Superior has all the licenses needed to pull permits for any work needed to complete the roofing project. As an unlimited General contractor, Superior can receive large government contracts as the PRIME CONTRACTOR OF RECORD.

The owner of Superior has an active unlimited GC License. This requires a proven background in construction, completion of State required testing, and yearly audited financials proving creditworthiness.

*Did you know that no licensing is required to become a roofing contractor? Less than 1% of roofing contractors have a State License. 

Atlanta Commercial Roofing Contractors

Commercial roof replacement is a serious business. It involves many factors such as location, size of the building, age and condition of the roof, and more. At Superior Commercial Roofing and Contracting in Atlanta, GA we believe in providing you with quality roofing systems and services and the right information about commercial roofing so you can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a commercial roofing contractor for your property.

When your existing roof has a leak and you need roofing services or new roof coatings, make sure you have Atlanta commercial roofing contractors that are using modern roof leak detection tools to locate the source quickly. Unlike other commercial roof repair companies in Atlanta, GA all of our commercial roofing contractors use Thermal and Capacitance testing equipment to accurately locate the leak area and amount of damaged roof.

This process of diagnosing where the water is coming from using non-destructive moisture meters gives us insights that aren’t always possible when just using a visual inspection of the leak area. Water can travel under the roofing system a long way before actually dripping inside the building. Without this equipment, how would a roof repair tech accurately track down the cause of the leak and accurately conduct roof repairs?

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Atlanta Commercial Roof Replacement Services

Replacing the commercial roof of your building can be the most expensive renovation a building owner in Atlanta, GA will face. Superior understands the struggle most people face when it comes to a commercial roof replacement. Superior has commercial roofing contractors that are experts and have actual construction license. Our commercial roof repair experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your building and will meet with your team to provide you the best options that meet your needs and budget for the roof replacement or roofing repairs.

Get accurate information about your roofs condition before roof replacement!

Over 50% of the roofs we are asked to provide a replacement cost for are repairable. We use thermal drone imaging along with other tools that give us accurate information regarding the condition of your roof. Armed with accurate information, we can offer repair and replacement options that other commercial roofing contractors have not considered.

Advanced Technology for Smart Decisions

– As a roofing company Superior has cutting edge and non-destructive diagnostic tools used to accurately, quickly and cost-effectively find hidden moisture in your roofs.

Demand a state licensed commercial roofing contractor with experience do your roof repairs!

– The owner of Superior has an active unlimited GC License. This requires a proven background in construction, Completion of State required testing and yearly audited financials proving credit worthiness.

*Did you know that no licensing is required to become a roofing contractor? Less than 1% of roofing contractors have a State License for construction!

TPO is 50% of single-ply roofs being installed today!

TPO “thermoplastic polyolefin” is a single-ply roofing membrane that offers excellent performance at a cost-effective price. Heat-welded seams provide superior strength. In the 20+ years that TPO has been in the field, it’s become one the most popular products used for low-slope roofing. Over 1 billion square feet are installed annually, making up over 50% of single-ply roofs being installed today.

Atlanta Roofing Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Services

We install roofing systems and repairs on all buildings and property types. No job is too big for this. Our roofing company services offer a clear solution to the problem of occupied buildings, which can cause significant disruptions. That is why we use a comprehensive and efficient process that ensures your roof is repaired in the shortest amount of time, with minimal disruption.

Our commercial roofing contractors are the best at what they do so you can have full confidence your commercial roof will be done quickly and correctly. Whatever problems you have encountered with regards to commercial roofs, our experts can help! We are Atlanta’s leading provider for all matters related to commercial roof services.

Atlanta Commercial Roofing Experts

Commercial roof repair involves more than just installing or repairing roofs in business buildings and warehouses. It also includes adding elastomeric coverings, such as rubber roof membrane, and replacing or relocating roofs in apartment complexes. We are a roof company that installs commercial roofs and we are licensed and insured. Our commercial roofers use the latest and most innovative technology and roofing systems to ensure that you will have a roof replacement with no surprises. Let our roofing contractors take the time to educate you on what roofing system is best for your building.

Atlanta Roofing Services

-Superior Roofing in Atlanta, GA are experts in roofing systems and we have a wide variety of services for all types of buildings. Our roofing company has the experience and knowledge to handle any commercial roof installation, repair or replacement.

-A few of our most popular commercial roofing services are: replacing roofs on warehouses, houses, schools and hospitals; installing waterproof membranes such as rubberized roof membrane (RMM) that protect buildings from leaks and any type of roofing systems required for your building.

Roof Inspections

How can you make a good decision without accurate information?

You need to have all the information regarding the condition of your roof before deciding on the next plan of action. It is difficult to diagnose a roof without the latest technology – And Superior has the best technology to provide you with the best roof inspection in Atlanta, GA.

Roof Preventive Maintenance

Maintained roofs last over 25% longer than roofs that are not maintained! All roofing manufacturers require roof maintenance! Everyone knows that changing the oil in your car and additional maintenance is just a part of car ownership. Owning a roof is no different. Your roof’s warranty is voided if you are not inspecting and maintaining your roof. Check out our PMP Program here.

If it is time for your commercial building’s roofing systems to be replaced, you can rest assured knowing Superior is on your side. For more information about our Atlanta area commercial roofing services or if you need an estimate on your roofing project or need a new TPO Roofing System installation, contact our commercial roofing contractors today!



Our skilled, experienced team is the key to our great customer service and exceptional craftsmanship. Many of our worker have been with us over 15 years, so they know what it takes to deliver the best commercial roof for your business.

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Roof Repair, Installation, and Inspection

When your roof has a leak, find out who uses modern roof leak detection equipment to discover the source quickly. All Superior Roofing Company leak experts employ Thermal and Capacitance testing tools to precisely pinpoint the leak site and amount of damaged roofing. Armed with correct data, we can provide repair and replacement choices that other roofing companies cannot. This modern technology is the most effective way to find a leak and begin making the roofing projects repairs quickly and efficiently. Call us today to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help you.

Roof replacements are some of the most costly renovations a building owner will face. Most people struggle with a roof replacement, and Superior understands this challenge. Superior has experts that have valid construction credentials. Our specialists will perform an in-depth evaluation of your structure and meet with your team to offer you the best alternatives that match your requirements and budget.

Roof replacement is a serious undertaking. It must take into account many aspects such as the location of the building, its size, its age and condition, and more. We at Superior Commercial Roofing and Contracting in Atlanta believe in providing high-quality roofing systems and services along with complete commercial roofing information so that you can make an informed decision.

If you are in need of a new roof, call us for a free consultation. Our experts can help you find the best roofing system for your property and budget. We specialize in commercial roof installation, repair, and replacement, and we are here to help you get the best roof for your business. Please call us today at 404-907-3425 for a free consultation. We will work with you to provide the best roofing system for your property.