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Drone Roof Inspections In Atlanta GA

Superior’s in-house aerial infrared services are cutting edge and non-destructive diagnostic tools used to accurately, quickly and cost-effectively find hidden moisture in your roof.

A contractor or consultant cannot find hidden moisture under your roof by visual inspection alone. Randomly cutting holes in a roof does not provided accurate information regarding the roofs condition.

Superior uses Drone Thermal imaging, Capacitance testing, and nuclear scanning help provide the diagnostic information necessary for developing an effective roof maintenance program, planning capital budgets and for making informed decisions when considering roof repairs, replacements or recovering your existing roof.

If your roofing contractor is not providing you accurate information about your roof using the latest technology available, he can only guess what the condition of your roof is in.

Do you want a contractor guessing what your roofs condition is when providing?

    • Yearly budgets for roof repair or replacements
    • Opinion on if your roof can be repaired or if it must be replaced
    • Why you are having roof leak callbacks
    • Roof replacement scope of work


Most property manager’s jobs are impacted by the accuracy of the information they provide to owners. Giving an owner a budget to replace a roof for $100,000 and having the actual cost to replace come in at $150,000 makes you look bad.

When you are giving recommendations to an owner, your job can be on the line.
Superior provides you accurate information that is backed up with the latest tools available so you can stand behind your recommendations.

Modern day roofing structures are much more complicated and difficult to access. Drone inspections can reduce the cost and danger for workers, which is especially important since safety must always be a priority when dealing with commercial buildings. By having a roof inspection done by a drone for large commercial buildings, you can significantly reduce expenses and increase safety. Drones give contractors a detailed view of the roof construction before moving on to another facet of the project. This reduces accidents and cuts down how long projects are delayed.

Building Inspection Drone Services: Safe & Efficient Roofing Solutions

Commercial building owners need a reliable roof inspection company that can offer safe, efficient solutions for their assets. Our team of experts is composed of licensed professionals who are committed to exceeding expectations for every customer.

We offer drone inspection services, which are quick and affordable alternatives to traditional methods of roof inspections. We take aerial shots from various angles that cover a large area in just minutes! This is much safer than climbing up onto your roof and risking accidents or injuries when it’s not necessary. The cost savings on the initial inspection will be offset by the decreased maintenance costs on your building.

What We Do

Using a high-resolution camera, our drone inspection will collect more comprehensive, accurate and useful information used in combination with our software to provide a detailed understanding of your roofs inventory and condition. Our customers find it much easier to understand the condition of their roofs from a birds eye view. With our thermal drone inspection, we can evaluate leaks and roof damage.

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Roofing Services

Drone Thermal Infrared

Drone thermal technology is a diagnostic tool used to accurately, quickly and cost-effectively find moisture in your roof!

Drone 4K Roof Inspection

Using high-resolution cameras, Superior is able to collect more comprehensive and accurate information about your roof!

Capacitance  and Dielectric 

Capacitance and Dielectric metes are non-destructive diagnostic tools used to pinpoint the hidden moisture in your roof!

Nuclear Meter

Nuclear meter is a non-destructive diagnostic tools used to pinpoint the hidden moisture in EPDM roofs!

Roof Inspections

Smart decisions start with accurate information!

Portfolio Management

Let Superior save you money by updating your current roof inspection program!