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Advanced Tools

How can you make a good decision, without accurate information?

Advanced Technology For Smart Decisions !


Superior uses advanced roof leak detection tools to locate the source of your leaks quickly!

Superior has cutting edge non-destructive diagnostic tools used to accurately, quickly and cost-effectively find hidden moisture in your roof.

Drone Thermal Inspection: Superior has in-house aerial infrared services. This equipment can cost-effectively find hidden moisture under the roofing system. That cannot be seen by visually inspecting the roof. This gives us a visual record of water under your roof.

Capacitance – Dielectric Equipment: All of Superior’s Professionals utilize Capacitance Meters with them during roof inspections and roof repairs. This devise emits a low-frequency electronic signal that can determine if a specific roof area is wet or dry.

Nuclear Meter: Some roofs can;t be properly inspected using Thermal and Capacitance testing. In these situations, Nuclear Thermography is used. This equipment emits neutrons from a radiation source from the scanning meter down through the roofs assembly. 


If your roof is leaking now and you need a repair right away, Please visit our LEAK REPAIR PAGE


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