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Leak Investigation Types

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Superior works for a wide range of customers. Understanding your expectations brfore we start looking for your roof leak will insure a better experience for both you and Superior.

NTE $750.00 -Typically, most roofs have one defect causing the leak. Our repair specialist using moisture locating equipment can track down that defect, complete the repair, and not have a call back.

Some roof leaks can have a number of defects that could be contributing to the leak. Confirming what defects are causing water to get inside the building can cost extra time and money. Some customers want to limit the repair cost per call and request that we repair the most obvious cause and not spend extra time confirming that the other defects are contributing to the leak. This approach works 90% of the time however our customers understand that a repeat leak call may occur and that they will need to pay for an additional repair attempt.

An example of this would be repairing a flat roof with large rocks that must be moved so that the roof can be inspected. If our men after shoveling rock for 1 hour, find a hole. That may or may not be the only defect causing the leak. The only way to know for sure is by moving more rock in the leak area. A crew can spend all day moving rock so that they can inspect a small area of the roof. What would you want them to do? $350.00 leak call or $1,250.00 Leak call.

NTE $1,250.00 – If you approve a full day of time for the repair, you have a 99% chance that the leak will be stopped on the first leak inspection. Typically we do not need a full day to stop one leak. In most cases the invoice with this approval will be the same as a 4 hour limit. We do not spend extra time on leaks that have an obvious direct cause however, this approval allows us to spend the extra time if needed to increase our chances of stopping the leak on our first leak investigation.

Leak calls over $1,250.00 – If the roof is in poor condition and completing a typical leak investigation may not stop the roof leak, we will contact you before we spend any of your money. Your account manager will work with you on a solution.

Leaks from HVAC, Skylights or other building components not roof related. Unfortunately, 30% of the roof leak investigations we respond to are not defects in the roof. Proving that water is coming from other building components can take time and may require additional testing such as a water test. Our repair techs know how to document these situations so that a plan of action can be developed.


If your roof is leaking now and you need a repair right away, Please visit our LEAK REPAIR PAGE


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