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Green Flat Roofing Options You Might Want to Consider

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Because they are usually made of elements that work together in order to create weatherproofing systems, flat roofing solutions are very popular and can be used in many regions across the country. Superior Commercial Roofing & Contracting offers a wide variety of flat roofing options to choose from.  And if you are interested in the best types of green flat roofing systems, there are a few things to taken into account.

There are many reasons why green roofs are so good for the environment. For instance, they create habitat for plants, birds and beneficial insects such as bees, butterflies and bumblebees. Moreover, this type of roofs has insulating properties. They regulate heat, keeping the interior of the building cool in summer and warm in winter. Green roofs can also absorb sound, so they can be a good solution for busy city areas.

Single-ply thermoset roofs are made of a membrane which contains natural gas and oil. This membrane is cured and bonded to roofing materials. Although they are usually found in black, they can also be found in lighter colors.

The coating can be factory-applied or site-applied. Modified bitumen can be yet another very good choice for a green flat roof. Finally, living roofs are another excellent idea for your green flat systems.

Reasons to Consider Rubber Roofing for Your Commercial Building

Rubber roofing can be a very good idea for your commercial building for some very good reasons. First of all, it is naturally resistant to problems such as mold, corrosion and when it is vulcanized it can become even stronger, as its molecules are bonded together.

Because it is flexible, rubber roofing can resist stretching and breaking. Because it is waterproof, it can provide excellent protection during the rainy and cold seasons.

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Affordable rubber roofing Atlanta contractors affirm that rubber roofs are easy to install. We need to say that rubber roofing is not limited to the deeper levels of your roofing system, and that the exterior layers can also be made of rubber.

There are several different types of rubber roofing to choose from. For instance, you can go for EPDM, which can absorb heat and can be found in light-colors, which make it highly reflective. TPO is yet another great material from the point of view of energy efficiency. Because it has heat-welded seams, it is much more resistant than EPDM.

PVC has chlorine salts and also plasticizing elements that make it very flexible. Overall, PVC is long-lasting and efficient.

At any rate, rubber is popular due to its robust nature, due to which roofs can last for more than 20 years.

Metal Roofing on a Flat Commercial Roof: How Does it Work?

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Metal roofing is very popular both for residential, and for commercial roofing systems. And perhaps the top reason for that is the fact that it is a very versatile material.

You can use metal for your entire roofing or just a part of it. It can definitely be used on a flat commercial roof. Many people prefer metal roofing because it is very durable, while others like it because it can boost the overall appearance of a building.

Choosing the exact type of metal roof for your particular situation is very important for making sure that you are on the right path. For instance, you can choose a standing seam type of metal roof. This is made of panels which are either seamed mechanically or locked together at the seams.

A standing seam is recommended in case the flat roof is installed over a heated area. According to preferred metal roofing Atlanta contractors, this roofing option requires very little maintenance.

Screwed-down panels are yet another good option for your commercial metal roof. Because the screws are introduced through the panels, there is no contraction or expansion. There are many colors available for you to choose from, depending on the exact color of your building.

TPO Roofing – is it Environmentally Friendly?

TPO is the short variant of “thermoplastic polyolefin” and it is made of recycled materials. It does not get affected by UV rays, chemicals and pollutants. Because of its resistance to UV rays, it is very energy-efficient and a very good option for areas with really hot summers. Moreover, it is non-toxic can be maintained very easily.

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TPO roofing can be an excellent choice for mostly any type of roofing system. For one thing, it is highly resistant to weather conditions, including punctures. Leading Atlanta commercial roofing contractors confirm that it is a great solution for those who want an environmentally-friendly roof.

In case of fire, TPO roofing does not emit harmful fumes. Because of that even a fire situation can be much safer on your property. At the same time, this type of membrane can be easily recycled.

And when your TPO membrane is in place you do not need to worry about the fact that it shrinks. Moreover, it does not get punctured during a roofing inspection.

Another great thing about TPO is the fact that it is very affordable, especially as compared to other roofing options. As it is very durable, you will not have to fix or replace it for long periods of time.

Flat vs. Sloped Roofing Systems Used for Atlanta Commercial Buildings 

Commercial building owners in Atlanta may need to decide at some point whether to install a flat or sloped roofing system on their building. Both options come with distinct advantages and disadvantages that should be weighed against the specific needs and requirements of the building. Here are some of the key points to consider:

Flat Roofing Systems:

  • Typically more cost-effective and easier to install than sloped roofs;
  • Provide extra space for outdoor installations such as rooftop gardens, solar panels, and HVAC equipment;
  • Offer super-accessible maintenance and repair work;
  • Prone to leaks and water damage;
  • Lack of slope makes it difficult for water to drain properly, leading to potential structural issues and mold growth.

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Sloped Roofing Systems:

  • Better suited for areas with high precipitation since the slope allows water to drain off effectively;
  • Less likely to experience water damage and leaks;
  • Offer better insulation and ventilation, leading to lower energy bills and a more comfortable indoor environment;
  • Require more extensive installation and maintenance work, resulting in higher costs;
  • Have less usable space compared to flat roofs, making it challenging to install rooftop features.

Ultimately, the choice between a flat or sloped roofing system depends on several factors such as budget, climate, and the intended use of the building. It is crucial to consult with a preferred Atlanta commercial roofing contractor who can assess the specific needs of your building and recommend the most appropriate option. Regardless of the chosen roofing system, regular maintenance and inspection are essential to ensure the longevity and safety of the building.