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Preventive Maintenance Programs For Older Roofs Under Warranty

All Roofing Manufacturers Require Roof Inspections !


Roofs over five years old need more attention than your newer roof. Some roofing components need close inspection as they age. You will want to make sure your roof’s warranty is protected.

As your roof gets older, you will want to complete a comprehensive Roof inspection that includes Moisture detection under the roof no less than one year before your roof’s warranty expires. This may be your last chance to have the Manufacturer or contractor pay for failures in the roof system.

Our maintenance plans are designed to fit the individual needs and budget of each customer based on their specific building size and roof type. Implementing a Roof Maintenance Plan means that you are taking a “Proactive” approach as opposed to a “Reactive” approach to your roofing needs. Being proactive avoids problems before they occur and helps to prevent long term damage which can occur from ignoring needed maintenance and repairs. Let us help you be “Proactive” by implementing regular scheduled roof maintenance that will save you money, give you peace of mind during the rainy months and prolong your roofs life




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