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Preventive Maintenance Programs For New Roofs

All Roofing Manufacturers require a yearly roof inspection !


Starting your commercial roof maintenance program for your new roof is simple and should be cost-effective. The PMP can be as simple as a quick roof inspection that generates a roof report of the inspection.

Most of this work can be completed by in-house personnel and does not require a roofing contractor.

Superior will work with you to develop the right plan that works for you.

Building Personnel

Initiating a formal, in-house roof maintenance program is the first step in an overall roof maintenance program. Some aspects of roof maintenance do not need to be performed by roofing professionals, but can be done by the building’s maintenance personnel.
The building’s personnel can help with some of the most basic maintenance items, such as keeping the roof free of debris. Debris can block the flow of water to the roof drains and cause localized ponding, which can prematurely damage a roof system. Debris may also block the drain lines; in extreme cases, ponding water can lead to roof collapse.

Drone 4K Roof Inspections!

Superior uses drones to save time and costs by reducing the amount of resources needed for a building inspection. Using a high-resolution camera, our drones collect more comprehensive, accurate and useful information used in combination with our software to provide a detailed understanding of your roofs inventory and condition.

Our customers find it much easier to understand the condition of their roofs from a birds-eye view. You get a link to your inspection that can be viewed from any device.


Using AI Technology for accurate data collection!

Superior has partnered with technology providers to enhance the accuracy of our in-house aerial roof inspections using AI software. This technology collects, identifies and automatically creates detailed information regarding your roof. When completed yearly, this technology identifies any changes to the roof and reports that change to our team.

Leveraging our technology and drone partners, we can quickly provide accurate information on large portfolios of properties all across the nation. We are a single source solution that can mobilize hundreds of drone inspections completed by multiple partners across the nation providing the same accurate results.

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