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What Is the Best Flat Roof to Install in the Atlanta Area?

by | Aug 26, 2022

When it comes to flat roofing, traditional roofing materials such as concrete tiles or asphalt shingles are out of the question, because they’re very likely to leak. So what are your best flat roof options then?

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One of the most popular options in Atlanta is the TPO membrane, which is comprised of three bonded layers and manufactured with fillers such as carbon fiber, talc and fiberglass that add to its durability. The main advantage of TPO is that it is an inexpensive material that can make for a durable roof. TPO membranes can last up to twenty-five years and are fire resistant. Moreover, TPO roofs are also reflective, which means they will keep the building cool during hot Atlanta summers.

Another popular material for flat roofs is EPDM membrane, commonly used on medical and commercial buildings. EPDM is not reflective, but it is incredibly durable and can last for even more than 4-50 years if installed right.

Last but not least, PVC membranes are also popular options, used both in commercial and residential roofing. PVC roofs are very similar to TPO in terms of both installation and durability (about 25-30 years if installed correctly). The only big difference is that PVC membranes are slightly more flexible than TPO.

Choosing between the various flat roofing materials popular in Atlanta ultimately depends on your specific needs and your budget. Contact your local acclaimed Atlanta commercial roofing contractors to help you decide on the best flat roof for you.