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What Is Rubber Roofing Best Suited for?

by | Nov 7, 2022

rubber roofing Atlanta

If you did some research on the commercial roofing industry in Atlanta, you’ll find that the typical Atlanta commercial roofer will recommend some type of rubber as the most suitable roofing material for your new installation. There are a number of reasons for that, and most of them tie into the fact that rubber is such an impressive material when faced with adverse conditions:

  • Rubber is strong, and it’s less likely to be as easily damaged in a storm as other roofing materials. It doesn’t crack as easily during extreme weather conditions, and it’s significantly less high-maintenance in comparison to even some of the more expensive roofing systems.
  • A rubber roof is generally better suited for flat roofing systems. However, according to experienced rubber roofing Atlanta companies, because of its unique qualities, it can also be adapted to low-pitch roofs and its properties make it more resilient and impact-resistant than even some of the best sloped roofs.
  • One of the most important qualities of rubber is its increased flexibility. Although it normally wouldn’t have the same tensile strength as metal or slate, its flexibility makes it an ideal roofing material for fending off hail and strong winds. In fact, a well-designed rubber roof will require fewer repairs over time than the aforementioned roofs, whether they are used on commercial or residential buildings.
  • Synthetic rubber is generally cheap and long-lasting. It doesn’t easily allow for the growth of mold and moss, and the maintenance work will not cost you as much compared to wood, asphalt or slate.