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What Are the Best Types of Rubber Roofing?

by | Feb 28, 2022

EPDM roofing Atlanta

Flat roofs require a pliable, waterproof cover material that performs well in circumstances where shingles and tiles don’t. Rubber is the most popular flat roof covering option. EPDM, PVC and TPO membranes are the best options in this category for the following reasons:

EPDM membranes

  • According to economical EPDM roofing Atlanta contractors, this membrane provides excellent stability against weathering, sun exposure, acids and caustic solutions
  • Long-lasting flexibility and elasticity
  • Traction resistant
  • Easy to apply, partly because they can be manufactured in large dimensions (up to 15m width and 60m length)
  • No additional mechanical fastening required
  • Unlimited aging resistance – this membrane does not contain plasticizers or antioxidants that would make it susceptible to migration or degradation
  • Chemically inert – the composition of the membrane remains constant because it is vulcanized
  • More environmentally friendly than other waterproofing materials
  • Compatibility with green roofs (root resistance) and photovoltaic systems

PVC membranes

  • Used for over 50 years
  • Strong fire resistance
  • Customized architectural solutions available (colors, profiles and roof logos)
  • Suitable for different climatic conditions
  • Quick installation independent of the weather (PVC membranes can be installed even in low temperatures or when it rains)
  • Vapor permeability
  • Great flexibility

TPO membranes

  • High chemical resistance
  • Suitable for direct application on substrates such as bitumen, EPS insulation, and XPS (polystyrene)
  • No plasticizer (no migration/contamination, or perspiration)
  • Long lifespan
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy handling and installation (no need for fire sources)
  • Resistance to severe weather conditions
  • Environmentally friendly