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TPO Roofing – Is It Good for Your Commercial Building?

by | Dec 31, 2022

TPO membrane – is a waterproofing membrane obtained from modified polyethylene (rubber), with different thicknesses, and with a life span of at least 25 years.

TPO roofing Atlanta

Flexible. Safe. Durable.

These three words describe the properties of a TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) membrane. Almost no other roofing material is as suitable for waterproofing and allows such a quick and easy application! TPO membranes are resistant to UV rays and high mechanical stress. Leading TPO roofing Atlanta specialists tell us that due to their flexibility, they can easily withstand temperature-induced demands; they cover cracks very well and are a permanent waterproofing agent.

The TPO membrane is applied by welding its edges using hot air. By avoiding open flame welding, application is much safer – even in problematic areas!

The TPO composition may vary depending on the manufacturer. TPO membranes stand out for their excellent welding, flexibility and adhesion in a wide temperature range. Their unique composition ensures superior mechanical properties and an unusually low flammability.

White, these membranes are an ecological solution that contributes to a better level of energy efficiency. Also, the quality/price ratio of TPO membranes is excellent, which makes them very popular, especially since they come with quite long warranties, and an estimated lifespan that promises protection in the long run.