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TPO Roofing – is it Environmentally Friendly?

by | May 16, 2023

TPO is the short variant of “thermoplastic polyolefin” and it is made of recycled materials. It does not get affected by UV rays, chemicals and pollutants. Because of its resistance to UV rays, it is very energy-efficient and a very good option for areas with really hot summers. Moreover, it is non-toxic can be maintained very easily.

Atlanta commercial roofing contractors

TPO roofing can be an excellent choice for mostly any type of roofing system. For one thing, it is highly resistant to weather conditions, including punctures. Leading Atlanta commercial roofing contractors confirm that it is a great solution for those who want an environmentally-friendly roof.

In case of fire, TPO roofing does not emit harmful fumes. Because of that even a fire situation can be much safer on your property. At the same time, this type of membrane can be easily recycled.

And when your TPO membrane is in place you do not need to worry about the fact that it shrinks. Moreover, it does not get punctured during a roofing inspection.

Another great thing about TPO is the fact that it is very affordable, especially as compared to other roofing options. As it is very durable, you will not have to fix or replace it for long periods of time.