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Rubber Roofing Repair Tips from a Professional Roofer in Atlanta

by | Oct 7, 2022

It is always very important to make sure that your roof is 100% waterproof. Flat roofs can have different problems such as irregular surface that allow water puddles or leaks especially during more severe weather phenomena (storms, snowfalls), but due to technological advancements in the last 20, 30 years commercial building owners now have different efficient methods to insulate their roofs, the most durable being single-ply membranes.

Although EPDM membranes, for example, can last even for 50 years, small repairs may be necessary from time to time, and should never be neglected, all the more so as they are easy to do by roofing specialists.

Sometimes all it takes is a few touches to restore the waterproof of the roof. If necessary, cost effective EPDM roofing Atlanta repair specialists can proceed to the removal of a portion of the membrane and adding a patch, or they will use special strips used for sealing cracks or cuts in roof membranes and films. These products have a very high adhesion, resistance to wear and tear and are suitable for different types of membranes.

Another solution often recommended by professional roofers in Atlanta is the use of a liquid roof coating on the membranes, which has excellent sealing properties of small imperfections, increasing the life span of the roof.