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Rubber Roofing: A Flexible and Durable Option for Your Commercial Building

by | Mar 7, 2023

Atlanta commercial roofing contractors

Roofing systems with synthetic rubber membranes are designed for flat roofs of civil, commercial and industrial buildings. They are also suitable for extensive green roofing systems and photovoltaic systems. These waterproofing systems consist of synthetic rubber membranes and a wide range of accessories that fit all types of flat roofs and environments, offering unmatched performance in terms of durability and resistance in various conditions.

The technology used to ensure a professional waterproofing also depends on the degree of qualification of the roofer or waterproofing specialist.

Knowledgeable Atlanta commercial roofing contractors confirm that a complete waterproofing system with synthetic rubber membrane is a very efficient solution for your commercial building and there are major advantages of using it: the number of seams is minimum, and so are the risks of water infiltration. Less maintenance is necessary to be performed on the roof, which makes such a roofing project quick and easy for professional roofers.

Synthetic rubber membranes have excellent properties and are suitable for exposure to UV rays and ozone, without the risk of getting old prematurely. They can be glued or mechanically fixed onto the surface of the roof, without the need for additional roof protection. Synthetic rubber is very elastic, very resistant to wear, resistant to ice and low temperatures up to -45°C.