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Metal Roofing vs. TPO Roofing – Which Is Best for Atlanta?

by | May 23, 2022

metal roofing Atlanta

When it comes to the materials used for constructing commercial roofing in Atlanta, metal and TPO are the two most popular options. Here are some features that you should know about before choosing one of the two options over the other:

  • Roof life – according to manufacturers and to the studies performed by independent research groups, metal and TPO roofing materials differ considerably in terms of service life. High-end metal roofing Atlanta contractors confirm that structures built from zinc-coated aluminum can last for around six decades, however, the warranted service life of TPO membranes is usually around 25 years.
  • Wind resistance – TPO roofs being constructed from membranes that are fastened very tightly to the decking, they are considered to be stronger when exposed to high winds than metal roofs, especially when compared to standing seam metal roofs that more readily allow wind gusts to reach underneath.
  • Snow load – TPO roofs might have a hard time when exposed very thick layers of snow, metal being a better option for areas that get heavy snowing.
  • Maintenance needs – metal and TPO are both considered to be low maintenance materials. They both need to be regularly cleaned and inspected by a professional, but in most cases those maintenance visits will not reveal any major fault that needs expensive repairs.