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How to Talk Business to an Atlanta Commercial Roofer

by | May 16, 2022

Atlanta commercial roofing contractors

If you are currently looking for a contractor to handle the issues related to your commercial roofing in Atlanta, here are some of the most important topics to bring up during the initial meeting that will help you decide whether you will partner with the roofer in front of you:

  • Licensing, insurance and experience – one of the most important default conditions that your roofing contractor needs to fulfill is proper licensing and insurance. Roofers are allowed to provide roofing services legally only if they are in possession of the right type of state issued license and if they are properly insured, too, so the first thing to ask should be a copy of the roofer’s license and their insurance policy. Working with Atlanta commercial roofing contractors who have experience with the type of roof that you have is another essential factor, so ask the roofer to tell you about their history working with your type of roof.
  • Interventions to expect – your roofing needs might include repairs, upgrades, maintenance and eventually replacement. Before you meet your roofer, take the time to gather your questions related to each of these aspects and discuss them all in detail, just to know what you should be prepared for in terms of investment and disruption.