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How to Make the Most Out of Flat Roofing

by | Dec 30, 2021

Should a roof always be pitched? No, even if, each time we say “roof”, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the conventional type, with sloped surfaces. The flat roof is now an option not only for commercial buildings, but also for residential buildings – providing an urban-elegant finish, in which the shape and details of the building are what matter the most.

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To make the most out of your flat roof, you must make sure, first of all, that you use quality cover materials. Nowadays, single-ply rubber membranes are the most durable and convenient solutions, also supporting other projects you might have in mind to make the most of your flat roof.

A great advantage of a flat roof is that you can turn it into a small green oasis or, if you want to generate energy, you can cover the sky-facing area with solar panels.

Both the green roof garden and the most modern photovoltaic system are possible with a flat roof, because subsequent installation and service work very well for all kinds of equipment (air conditioning systems, solar panels, antennas etc.) and are convenient.

The numerous design options offered by such a roof have made it a modern classic that satisfies many tastes, from garden enthusiasts to fans of passive houses with high energy efficiency.

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