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How Are Drones Used to Perform Thermal Roof Inspections?

by | Feb 7, 2022

Inspecting commercial roofing in Atlanta can be quite difficult. That’s because, unlike residential roofing, commercial roofing can cover quite a big surface. Also, the materials used in commercial roofing differ from those used for residential purposes. That’s why a preferred commercial roofer Atlanta area professional uses drones that have special thermal vision cameras attached to them when doing these inspections.

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When performing an inspection on a roof, the most important thing to look out for is heat build-up in certain areas of the roof. That means either the heat is escaping from the inside, leading to severe structural damage. Or, that can mean the heat is getting in, which can, in turn, mean the roofing system is faulty somewhere and in need of repairs.

Also, using a drone with thermal scanners to inspect commercial roofing in Atlanta can give both owners and contractors a much clearer idea about what material they need to use for their roofs. For instance, the materials used for the roof of a wood processing plant may not be the right material to use for an industrial car parts manufacturer.