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Flat Roofing Concerns for Bad Weather Conditions

by | Mar 23, 2023

Flat roofing can be a great choice for commercial and residential buildings, but it’s important to be aware of potential concerns in bad weather conditions. Storms, rain, snow and ice can all do a number on your roof, and all of them are possible, even in a relatively warm and balanced city like Atlanta.

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Flat roofs are more prone to leaks during heavy rain than sloped roofs. You’ll have to make sure that your flat roof has proper drainage systems in place, including gutters and downspouts. Regular inspections scheduled with flat roofing Atlanta maintenance specialists, along with clearing debris from drains and gutters, can also help prevent water damage.

High winds are yet another stressor that you can experience in the Atlanta area. Even the best flat roofs can be more vulnerable to high winds compared to sloped roofs. To minimize damage from high winds, it’s important to ensure that your flat roof is properly secured and has adequate flashing and sealing around vents and other penetrations.

Most commercial flat roofing systems can be more susceptible to hail damage than sloped roofs. A roofing material that is impact-resistant and that has been properly installed and maintained is your best chance to avoid damage done by strong hail impact.

Finally, flat roofs can absorb a lot of heat, which can lead to structural damage and energy inefficiency. To address this concern, it’s important to choose a roofing material with high reflectivity, such as metal, and to ensure that the roof is properly insulated and ventilated.