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Expert Tips for Maintaining Your TPO Roofing in Atlanta

by | Feb 20, 2023

Even though TPO flat membrane roofing systems have the advantage of being among the most economical and sustainable on the market, the initial investments are still significant. In order to take advantage from their TPO roof, building owners must periodically deal with maintenance operations.

TPO roofing Atlanta

The following are some expert tips from TPO roofing Atlanta authorities on cleaning and maintaining TPO membranes:

  • If you use pressurized water to clean the roof, protect any area where water may infiltrate.
  • Protect the plants and exterior facades to prevent them from getting into contact with the cleaning solutions used on the roof.
  • Use water at low pressure to clean and rinse the roof cover of dust and dirt (high pressure washers are not recommended because they may affect the integrity of the membrane).
  • Use a soft brush or a floor mop with a cleaning solution consisting of a light and non-abrasive household detergent and water, preferably slightly warm, to clean the surface of the roof membrane; be careful not cause any accidental damage.
  • Inspect the membrane and make sure that it is intact; any defect must be repaired as soon as possible by qualified contractors.

The access on the roof should be allowed only to roofing specialists, because they know what to do and how to walk on the roof to avoid causing any damage. Besides, the requirements related to work safety must be complied with, because the roofing operations are carried out at height, and a wet membrane, covered with cleaning substances, can be very slippery.