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Essential Concerns to Bring Up with Your Atlanta Commercial Roofer

by | Jun 6, 2022

Atlanta commercial roofing contractor

If you are in charge of a commercial building in Atlanta, having the number of a local Atlanta commercial roofing contractor on speed dial is very important. If you have recently started your activity as the building’s manager, it is even more important to arrange for a meeting with your Atlanta commercial roofer to discuss your concerns. Here are some topics that you might want to bring up:

  • The condition of your roof – ideally, your commercial roof should be inspected by a professional twice a year, in spring and in fall, to ensure the continued good performance of your roof. These inspection and maintenance visits are usually very affordable and most commercial roofers also offer maintenance programs that you can enroll your roof into, so if your roof is not yet enrolled into such a program, discuss the option with your contractor.
  • Upcoming roof repairs – knowing what is next is always important if you are a building manager, so another important topic to discuss with your roofer is whether there are any important repairs that should be completed soon.
  • The life span of your roof – having an idea about how long you can expect your roof to stay on your building without being affected by major problems is another important issue. Your contractor will provide an evaluation of your roof based on the roof’s age as well as its condition.