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Best Materials For Commercial Roofing In Atlanta

by | Dec 15, 2022

EPDM roofing Atlanta

Bituminous membranes are materials for waterproofing that are used quite often for commercial roofing in Atlanta. They are made of modified bitumen to which elasto-plastomer polymers are added, and they are manufactured with different finishes on the upper side (sand, aluminum foil, mineral slate, etc.)

Different uses include:

  • Preventing water infiltration through the roof
  • Restoration of flat commercial roofs
  • Waterproofing circulating or non-circulating flat roofs


According to trusted EPDM roofing Atlanta contractors, before purchasing bituminous membranes, the complexity of the work to be performed must be taken into account, in order to choose the right membrane from the point of view of the quality-price ratio (do not to buy membranes for roads and bridges if you have to insulate the roof!).


Bituminous membranes can be put into operation at an ambient temperature between +5 degrees C and +35 degrees C.

  • The most important advantages of the membranes made from additive bitumen are the cold flexibility (up to -25 degrees Celsius) and the hot stability, between 110 and 130 degrees Celsius. These two technical characteristics differentiate additive membranes from oxidized bitumen membranes. Unfavorable weather conditions such as rain, snow or humidity of the surface to be insulated can compromise the quality of the work.
  • Keep in mind that the required materials must be 1.12 / 1.15 times larger than the measured surface, due to the longitudinal and transverse overlaps when applying the membranes, and the losses that occur at the joints.