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Asking the Right Questions from an Expert in Commercial Roofing in Atlanta

by | Sep 13, 2022

Replacing their roof – many commercial building owners do it once, and others, luckier, never, because now there are very durable materials for flat roofs (e.g., single-ply synthetic membranes).
If you must to replace your commercial roof, do not despair! It is an investment that will ensure a better performance for your building, and a reliable contractor will be the key to the success of such a project.

TPO roofing Atlanta
According to a great TPO roofing Atlanta contractor I know, to choose an expert in commercial roofing in Atlanta, you should ask the right questions.
• Can I receive a written estimate of my project?
You should consider only written estimates, which detail everything from costs, authorizations and inspections, to warranties.
• What materials do you recommend?
Keep in mind that, in general, you get what you pay for. This has never been truer than in the case of roofs. Often, when a roof fails prematurely, sub-standard materials are to blame. Cutting corners simply does not work to your advantage, so always choose the best quality-price ratio, instead of the cheapest products.
• How long can I wait for the new roof to last?
A commercial roof can last from 10-15 to 40 years and even longer, depending on the materials it is made from. Weather and traffic are other factors that may affect its longevity.