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3 Flat Roofing Products You Will Need for Better Energy Efficiency

by | Mar 4, 2022

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The ideal roof would be 100% reflective in summer and 100% absorbent in winter, but a roof cannot change its reflective and emission properties. As a result, the overall energy efficiency of a roof must be assessed by comparing the energy saved from temperature regulation during the hot summer months with the energy consumed in the cold season.

TPO membranes – Roof systems that reflect the sun’s rays can save energy and money. They are suitable year round in warm environments, in the hot summer months, and in temperate areas. Reflective roofs are metallic or very light colored, and TPO membranes are typically white or light gray.

In addition to reducing the cooling demand for the entire building, a low roof temperature also increases the efficiency of the installed photovoltaic system. Where there is a HVAC system installed, the efficiency of transporting cold air throughout the building is also dramatically increased. According to flat roofing Atlanta experts, this leads to low energy consumption, an environmentally friendly impact.

PVC membranes can be manufactured in light gray or slate gray, so they have similar properties to TPO membranes when it comes to energy efficiency. Their advantage is better resistance to very high temperatures.

EPDM membranes are dark in color, making them suitable for cold areas with less sunshine.  Energy efficiency can still be achieved when they are installed in sunny areas by covering them with a layer of white liquid coating. This will also deliver additional protection.