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Drone Thermal Roof Inspection Identifies Earliest Signs of Damage

by | Jan 7, 2022

Water infiltration is one of the most costly problems in the roofing industry. Water leaks through the roof can lead to the destruction of thermal insulation, loss of its thermal properties, damage to the structure, as well as material damage inside the building. All these cost building owners a lot of money, every year.

drone inspection

Completing a cost effective drone inspection brings significant benefits when it comes to detecting water leaks:

  • Quickly and accurately identifies the earliest signs of damage
  • Reduces heating and cooling costs of the building
  • Ensures the quality inspection in the case of the execution of new roofs or the rehabilitation of existing ones
  • Increases the lifespan of an existing roof
  • Documents roof issues before their warranty expires
  • Provides accurate data for proper budgeting
  • Reduces water damage to the building and the roof structure
  • It is a valuable tool for those who want to sell, buy or rent a building

How it works?

During the day, the sun emits energy that is absorbed by the roof; then, at night, the roof radiates the heat. Wet roof surfaces retain heat longer than dry ones. The infrared camera attached to the drone can detect this heat and “see” the surfaces where there is moisture in the roof system as being warmer.