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Do Roofers Use Drones for Roof Inspections?

by | Sep 19, 2021

It’s no secret that drones have pretty much taken over the world by now. A lot of people are using drones for everything from capturing drone footage of the surrounding landscape while they’re on vacation, to using drone videos to promote real estate or perform land surveys.

Roofers have also sought to profit from this advanced technology by using high quality drone footage to detect minuscule problems with roofing systems that seem like they’re doing great on the surface. With drones flying around taking pictures and videos, roofers can now get a literal bird’s eye view of your roof, examine the images in detail to find even the smallest dent or breakage, and get to the bottom of the most challenging roof maintenance and repair issues much quicker than ever before.

drone roof inspection

Roof inspections have become faster, easier to perform and more informative. Under the circumstances, it’s easy to see why drones have become so popular, not only as a source of stunning vacation footage, but also because of their use in industries such as roofing. So, next time you call on one of your local roofers to take care of your roof inspection and repair needs, consider a quality drone roof inspection service that provides UAV footage to give you an accurate description of exactly what is wrong with your roof.