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4 Awesome Advantages of Thermal Roof Inspections

by | Sep 23, 2021

Thermal cameras are just as great – if not more so – for performing roof inspections as drones. While drones provide a bird’s eye view and help the roofer catch small details that they wouldn’t be able to notice otherwise, premier drone thermal roof inspection services go the extra mile.

drone thermal roof inspection

They help roofers create a complete 3D picture of not just the visible surface area of the roof, but of the interior as well, including the roof’s ability to withstand heat and any possible leaks that might show up on the camera as excess water and therefore places where the heat reading would not be as pronounced.

Thermal cameras have a lot of great advantages when it comes to roof inspections:

  • They are easy to use and manage.
  • They provide excellent footage attesting to the way in which your roof responds to heat, which is equally useful in looking at its heat insulating capabilities as it is for keeping storm damage at bay.
  • They help your roofing experts to quickly get to the bottom of the issue and minimize the amount of time they need to spend on inspecting and evaluating the roof’s condition.
  • In some cases, they might even help to increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of the repair work that your roof requires.