Get All of the Information

When you need to get the most from your roofing contractor, you need SuperiorScan from Superior Commercial Roofing. The SuperiorScan program offers unparalleled performance in roof analysis. The simple fact is, good roof or bad roof, no one can tell the difference without cutting edge technology– and we have it in SuperiorScan. Sometimes a roof will appear perfectly sound, but in actuality it needs replaced. Other times a roof will appear severely damaged, and an infrared scan will reveal only minor problems, or even nothing at all. Our top-of-the-line Infrared and Nuclear Non-Destructive testing tells the whole story of your roof immediately, saving you the guesswork. Any company can bring in their “experts” to examine a roof, but if they aren't implementing infrared testing, they can't possibly know the full story.

How Do We Do It?

infrared scans can detect moisture that our eyes miss

We analyze every square inch of your roof with SuperiorScan Infrared and Nuclear Non-Destructive testing technology, generating extremely precise data, which we then analyze and turn into a comprehensive report made specifically for you. This report details how to handle material defects, workmanship problems, warranty concerns, damage from HVAC and other contractors, and specific recommendations for maintenance. The view under your roof surface that SuperiorScan provides will allow you to make the right decision the first time through, controlling costs and maximizing the life of your roof.

Valuable, Lifelong Information

Once SuperiorScan has provided a view beneath the roof membrane and evaluated any small leaks or defects, Superior Commercial Roofing provides our customers with a wealth of lifelong information. First we give our customers a scale roof drawing with all problem sections marked. Next we mark all problem sections on the roof itself. We provide core sample photographs exhibiting the construction and condition of your roof when necessary. We focus on problem areas such as skylights, copings, expansion joints, plumbing vents, and HVAC penetrations while providing analysis and specific maintenance recommendations. After we've done our analysis, we offer all of our customers our specific recommendations on repair and restoration versus replacement for their roof. We also ensure that every customer receives suitable documentation for insurance rate reduction consideration. And, as if all of that wasn't enough, we offer a schedule of our recommended actions and anticipated budgets for the entire projected period of roof ownership.

Smart Customers Save Money With SuperiorScan

By ensuring that you receive the best possible roof diagnosis, you also guarantee a long healthy life for your roof– not to mention saving thousands of dollars by avoiding misdiagnosis and unnecessary repairs. SuperiorScan can help you prevent long-term hidden problems that cost more in patch up repairs and lead to shorter roof life. Our cutting edge technology will reveal all small leaks and defects long before they become expensive problems. SuperiorScan should be every commercial roof owner's first step to creating a long-term plan with known cost including an accurate projected re-roof time frame and cost. With SuperiorScan from Superior Commercial Roofing, you save time and money, and the life of your roof.