Our preventive maintenance program includes a
variety of initial, semi-annual, and annual items designed to
maximize current roof life, minimize leak potential, and make
sure that proper maintenance is done to protect roof and equipment (makes sure that blame can not be assigned to roof issues contributing to equipment failure) warranties. Roof systems are exposed to a wide variety of chemical and physical (including local environmental) stresses which are typically called “normal aging.” The reality is that small isolated problems resulting from abuse, stress concentration, error or other causes result in dramatically shortened roof life. Our properly executed maintenance program adds years to a roof’s life and detects minor problems before they become widespread which dramatically lowers the likelihood of problems for and interruption of daily activities to building occupants. Included on a semi-annual basis as necessary are filling and crowning of all pitch pans, sealing all coping joints, cleaning debris from gutters, removing all roof debris and redistribution of ballast. Initial repairs to bring the roof into compliance are priced separately. A written warranty of two years (for SuperiorGuard customers) or one year (all other customers) on workmanship, materials and
against leaks at the same location is provided. Everything under our Evaluation program is included along with a roof plan, photo survey, core samples with analysis, a five year roof budget that is updated annually, and an initial written scope of work on all suggested actions. SuperiorScan and SuperiorRoof are not included. When purchased alone the cost is $0.03 per square foot with a minimum of $450.00 per building.