When it comes to roofs, knowledge is power.

Too often, owners and managers of property do not have all of the history and facts readily available about their roofs, so poor decisions are made and tens of thousands of company dollars are wasted. Superior Commercial Roofing understands how important it is to have all of the right information about your roof at your fingertips when you need it. In most cases, the more you know, the less you spend.

Regular Inspections Keep Roofs Out of Trouble

Everyone knows that taking proper care of something extends its life and maintains its overall quality. This certainly applies to roofs. Regular inspections of a roof help to eliminate potential problems before they escalate, and increase useful life (typically by 5 to 10 years) if the information is kept and used for ongoing preventive maintenance. In fact, the National Roofing Contractors Association recommends two inspections per year, because they know that doing so will extend a roof’s lifetime by up to ten years. What is surprising to some is that the NRCA recommends the same two yearly inspections for roofs currently under warranty. A warranty may cover you if damage occurs, but it does nothing to extend your roof’s life beyond the end of the warranty term. The only way to guarantee a healthy, long lasting roof is to perform regular inspections and preventive maintenance.

You Need Proof of Your Inspections to Collect

An owner of commercial property must be able to prove that required warranty inspections and preventive maintenance were completed, and that any necessary repair work was completed. If an owner does not have independent proof,
including photographs before and after preventive maintenance and repair work was completed, and a warranty claim occurs, the owner may not be able to collect.

SuperiorInfo Keeps You in the Know

SuperiorInfo by Superior Commercial Roofing makes sure that you have the information you need, when you need it – in a meaningful format. After a complete on-roof visual inspection is completed with photos, sketches, core samples, and SuperiorScan Infrared and Nuclear Non-Destructive thermal analysis, all of that data is put into SuperiorInfo. Any other historical data such as prior inspections, prior maintenance and
repair information, and photographs are also put into SuperiorInfo. You can group as many buildings as you would like in the SuperiorInfo system and look at information by building, project, development or area. Combined with our comprehensive roof asset maintenance program, SuperiorInfo will dramatically reduce the overall life cycle costs for your roofs. This information can be accessed by you and any users whom you authorize, such as architects and independent roof consultants.