Superior provides the widest variety of individual programs which ensure you never have to be concerned about unexpected damage. SuperiorGuard offers the following benefits:

  • SuperiorEvaluation: We do complete visual inspections, take digital photos, make drawings of your roof, and if needed, take core cuts in order to do a membrane and substrate analysis.
  • SuperiorScan: Using our regular inspections and our SuperiorScan technology, we can detect visible and non-visible damage to provide care that extends the life of your roof up to an additional 10 years beyond its normal useful life.
  • SuperiorInfo: Once your roof has been evaluated and scanned, we store all of the pertinent information into our comprehensive, interactive database.
  • SuperiorMaintenain: Our beginning, semi-annual and annual maintenance checks ensure that your roof's life is maximized. Also, any future repair related to the initial work done after the SuperiorScan is free.  
  • SuperiorWarranty: At Superior, all of our materials and workmanship on re-roofs are under warranty for 10 to 25 years, dependant upon the system. SuperiorGuard customers receive a two-year warranty on repair materials and workmanship on additional leaks.
  • SuperiorRelief: If a natural disaster ever occurs at one of your properties, all SuperiorGuard customers will receive an immediate, top-priority inspection and also discounted labor and materials.
  • Superior 24/7: If you have an emergency regarding your roof, no matter the time, we will respond to your call within 30-minutes. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Guaranteed.

All of our repairs are documented with digital photographs and thermographs, ensuring that there will never be any mystery costs. All of our work is backed by our two-year written material and workmanship warranty. If your roof requires replacement, Superior Commercial Roofing guarantees the right roof for your building type, climate, and budget- every time.