Before Superior

Prior to 1994, most contractors focused on installing new roofs and not on helping owners maintain their existing roofs. In fact, until then most large roofing contractors would only repair roofs that they had installed. Contractors who would perform maintainence would typically do so with minimal effort, and more often than not, the prescribed remedy for any damage, no matter how minor, would be a brand new roof.

The Beginning

Anthony Mills incorporated Superior Commercial Roofing Company in 1994.  Based upon his ten years of prior experience, it was apparent to Anthony that no commercial roofing companies were committed to providing a complete service package with a commitment to customer service. It was also clear that most roofing companies were at least 10 years behind current installation and problem solving technology.

Anthony devoted himself to the creation of a company focused on customers' complete satisfaction.  In these efforts, he has led the industry by providing:

  • cutting edge leak detection technologies
  • an online, interactive Roof Asset Management system
  • a transparent process with frequent communication and the use of chronological photographs to document repair and installation processes.
  • surveillance cameras that give customers the ability to watch their roofs being installed from multiple vantage points in real-time from the comfort of their office.

The Present and the Future

Now, ten years after the formation of the company, Superior's commitment to customer has resulted in a dynamic multi-million dollar company. Our success is been based on the relationships we have built by doing whatever it takes to meet our customers' needs. A testament to this dedication is our spotless track record. In an industry where 80% of all construction-related lawsuits involve roofs and the roof contractors, Superior has never been involved in litigation or non-approval of a warranty for a roof installation.