24-hour emergency repair


A bad storm occurs, a tree falls, lightning strikes. Anything can happen. As an owner of commercial property, an emergency regarding one of your roofs can seem like a bad dream– especially if the damage occurs in the middle of the night. That's why in 2004 Superior Commercial Roofing created a guaranteed 30-minute response emergency services line for all of our customers.   We call it Superior 24/7, and you can call it anytime you have an emergency and be sure that you will speak with a Superior representative within thirty minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here's how it works: Any authorized employee, tenant, on-site contractor or security representative simply calls 770-825-8005, follows the simple instructions, and within thirty minutes they will receive a call from a trained representative. The person making the emergency call and the Superior representative will discuss the situation, and if needed, an emergency services team will be dispatched. Customers on the SUPERIORGUARD plan will receive a guaranteed discounted hourly rate and a materials discount.


Superior 24/7 is designed to help customers handle critical situations whenever they might occur, thereby limiting potential damage to structures and equipment, disruption to tenant operations, and minimizing the owner's financial liability. Our prompt callback times ensure that you will never be left waiting, wondering, or worrying. While we cannot solve every problem during our initial emergency visit, we can assure a temporary solution at the very least. Additionally, we are committed to immediately beginning the work necessary to keep your building and the tenants and property within it safe, secure, and running as efficiently as possible until a long-term solution is reached.